Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hi everyone,

sorry for the lack of a weekly post - its all getting manic now with work - so this will be a short one too.
Ribanna and i have our 1st final exam on Monday (aghhh) so we are studying and cramming like mad. Had a fair few hand in deadlines on top of that, hence why we have been so quiet!

Kitchen to kitchen  (essentially a fancy dress pub crawl but with kitchens) was very successful! my Kitchen was lord of the rings theme and although it takes a hit at my vanity i may a damn good Hobbit, figure 1. We had 3 rooms decorated - a hobbit hole, Rivendel and Mordor!
Figure 1 - The fellow sip of the ring + some baddies (Photo: Caitlin Frankfish)
Ribannas' kitchen was the red light district so i am not going to say Ribanna made a good hooker - but she did look like something out of the pretty woman era! (fig. 2)

Figure 2 - Ribanna pretty woman style! (Pic: H. Bell)

Figure - Hobbit, Hooker and a traveler lost in Africa - Pic: Caitlin

With pit stops at each kitchen from outer space, to harry potter, Africa, childrens birthday parties it was quite a night and the next day I even managed to attempt cross country skiing which consisted of me falling on my butt a lot! But entertaining non the less!!!

Today I am going to squeeze in some time to help a friend make a photograph to support the 'Save the Arctic 30' petition which I will hopefully post the results at some point!
It is now dark all day! I am struggling to go to sleep at night and get up in the morning, it seems my body wants to rise when its lightest 12 noon  but now I am getting in more of a routine which is better!
The amazing news we have all been waiting for is..... WE HAVE ALL GOT A PLACE NEXT SEMESTER!!!!! so I am very very happy about that! I will be doing the two biology modules and it think most of the others are doing the geophysics courses - and we will have an additional blogger,  Rachel Vezza, as she has also got a place and will be joining us in Jan.
So all smiles here - even if the pressure is now on! 
That's all for now, hope your all enjoying the blogs!


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